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neo~local design

Spring is back

Neolocal is back with Spring: new leaves, brand new projects and some refreshing re-readings of old classics. To lay out other possible paths around Design’s new ‘localness’, in every ‘local’ place of the earth.


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After a rather long pause – we are just starting to realize how energy-consuming, as well as extraordinarily rewarding, the editorial task we have undertaken is – with this new issue we wish to resume our work on the definition of some key coordinates for a possible Neo-Local way to Design.

With a necessary clarification...
Over the last months, the world seems to be narrowing its perspectives, giving way to forms of localism and nationalism that make it a smaller place. This is not the ‘way to local’ that we like or are interested to. Neo-Local Design is about a different way to thinking and producing things, and about getting closer to the needs of the human community, in every ‘local’ place of the earth.

Many of the entries in this issue are about projects we have followed closely, in our teaching work, in applied research and in the constant dialogue we have with our local environment. Others are about projects, initiatives and resources, in touch with some of the themes that are most important to us: reuse and self-production (or self-design), ‘know-hows’ between design and crafts. We reviewed some books and exhibits that we find important. There is also an ambitious project we just carried out, of which we are extremely proud of.



Write for us ...

Neolocal design is a blog open to contribution from experts, designers, craftsman and anybody wishing to share experiences, references or thoughts on the relation between tradition and innovation through design.

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