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Communicating Identity. Exhibiting Sardinia at the 2015 Expo

A wide research program in corporate and strategic design that, embracing various areas of contemporary communication, had in Milan’s 2015 Expo an extraordinary testbed.


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In association with Expo 2015, the Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce of Sardinia’s Regional Government, commissioned the Universities of Sassari and Cagliari to develop a research project on communicating the regional identity.

The association with Milan’s Universal Exhibition showcase has offered us an unique opportunity to carry on a vast and integrated project and to verify, on site and almost in real-time, our vision with real artifacts and working prototypes.

The research project encompasses many  domains in which contemporary communication is today structured – corporate identity, exhibit design, multimedia and web design, social networking – exploring an integrated methodology for communicating the complex identity of a regional entity, such as Sardinia, in the perspective of contributing in shaping its istitutional identity for the next five years.

The research project, carried on in the research laboratories of Alghero (University of Sassari) and Cagliari, grew on a creative board involving researchers from both universities and graduate students in Design and Architecture.


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